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For more than two decades, AxionLift has been a leading manufacturer and marketer of world-class aerial lifts in the United States, Asia and Latin America. We are committed to excellence in the design, manufacture and marketing of high quality insulated aerial lifts, ranging from 29 ft to 80 ft.

We manufacture unmatched aerial lifts for various industries, such as electric utilities, telecommunications, tree care, signage and lighting, construction industries.

At AxionLift, we manufacture custom-designed aerial lifts that can be easily mounted on all makes of vehicles, including Ford, Toyota, RAM, etc. We optimise our products to the highest specifications, ensuring quality through rigorous testing/verification for each product, meeting and exceeding the highest industry standards such as ANSI and ISO 9001.

Our aerial lifts are designed to withstand intensive use.

We have fully equipped factories with state-of-the-art facilities located in South America and we also have distribution centres in North America; serving over 23 distributors in both the United States and Canada, actively supporting their business operations.

Our global market base is expanding significantly. We currently export to more than 25 countries on all continents: Brazil, Italy, Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, Taiwan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Uruguay, El Salvador, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan and Jamaica, among others and we are expanding our presence in the US and Canadian markets.

Over time, we have earned our reputation as a provider of innovative solutions. Customers are our number one priority and we are committed to this cause.

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