Our Knuckle Cranes are renowned for their reliability and advanced technology, enabling them to handle a diverse range of tasks efficiently and safely. These versatile, flexible, and robust cranes are essential across many industries, including construction, logistics and transportation, mining, energy and utilities, forestry, waste and recycling, and agriculture. Because safety is always a top priority, all AXIONLIFT knuckle cranes meet or exceed all applicable ANSI standards as of the date of manufacture.

Our best-sellers models worldwide

A65 | Truly agile
Articulated Hydraulic Knuckle Crane
5,8 tm / 41,951 lb ft Lifting Moment
  • It boasts a horizontal reach of 31.2 ft.
  • Equipped with two hydraulic extensions and one manual extension.
  • Compatible with a variety of optional features.
  • Agile and efficient for a wide range of tasks.
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    A100 | Absolute flexibility
    Articulated Hydraulic Knuckle Crane
    9,5 tm / 68,930 lb ft Lifting Moment
  • It features a horizontal reach of 38 ft.
  • Equipped with three hydraulic extensions and two manual extensions.
  • Boasts high load capacity and compatibility with multiple accessories.
  • A highly versatile piece of equipment.
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    A155 | Pure power
    Articulated Hydraulic Knuckle Crane
    14,6 tm / 10,5617 lb ft Lifting Moment
  • Provides a 47.2 ft horizontal reach.
  • Features three hydraulic extensions and two manual extensions.
  • Compatible with various options for versatile tasks.
  • Exceptional load capacity makes it a powerhouse.
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