Articulating Aerial Lift · Working Height 32.8 Ft



Articulating Aerial Lift · Working Height 32.8 Ft

The UR29 a Side-By-Side Articulated Aerial Lift that achieves a working height of 32.8 ft and a maximum horizontal reach of 14.1 ft. This Aerial Lift stands out for being compact and lightweight (1740 lb.) making it possible to mount on light pick-up´s. The UR29 is a great equipment to work in difficult access places with a smaller investment compared to other manufacturers. Although this Aerial Lift has been optimized to be mounted on light pick-ups, it maintains the possibility of including some important options, such as hydraulic tilt and electrical insulation 46 kV (Category C).


The UR29 is the first Aerial Lift to consider when you want to improve productivity at working heights up to 32.8 ft. m. Unbeatable when you compare to other means of elevation.


Slewing drive rotation provides a more precise movement, minimize service and oscillation of the platform.

Agile & Inexpensive

Thanks to its low weight (1740 lb.), this Aerial Lift can be mounted on small pick-ups, achieving extremely agile and inexpensive utility-trucks.

Lower travel height, max stability

Due to its Side-By-Side configuration, this Aerial Lift has a travel height of only 8.2 ft, lowering its center of gravity and gaining stability.

Different Power Drives Available

Chose the most suitable power drive according your needs (gasoline or battery pack)

Live-Lines Working (Hotlines Maintenance)

Insulated 46 kV Cat. C according ANSI SIA A92.2

Safety First

Increase the level of safety adding a platform tilt and/or Electric Emergency Pump

Reach Diagram

General Specification

Working height
32.8 Ft.Apply Now
Ground to bottm of the platform
27.9 Ft.Apply Now
Maximum side reach
14.1 Ft.Apply Now
Stowed travel height
8.2 Ft.Apply Now
Platform capacity
300 lb.Apply Now
Platform dimensions
24 x 24 x 42 in.Apply Now
Rotation Infinite